Interior Glass Washing

Intrepid Industries doesn’t just clean glass – we WASH it – there IS a difference! Interior glass is usually spot “cleaned” with the use of a spray-on product and a paper towel. We use water with a gentle detergent applied with an applicator and removed with a squeegee for a streak-free job! When you really want it “clean” – WASH it!

“GLASS” includes interior full-height glass walls and partition glass walls, as well as inside window panes. And it’s not just all those grimy hand prints and smudges down lower that need to be washed off. It’s all that dust and accumulating grime on it up higher – out of reach – that needs washing off too. But nothing is out of reach for our Hi-Rise Window Washers – they’ll wash the whole-glass-wall. And not only does washed glass enhance the aesthetics in a building, it also promotes a healthy environment.

Off-Season Rates apply to the months of November through March. Our professional window washers are not then hanging off Hi-Rise buildings washing exterior windows, as in other months. So we can offer YOU professional window washers for your interior glass at rates greatly reduced!