Snow Removal

We make sure you can get places safely after a snowfall.

Our company has cleared snow for commercial, retail, and government properties in Lethbridge for the past fifteen winters. We’re here for you seven days a week, and we get the job done quickly with priority given to properties with time-sensitive needs in their contract.

Our Snow Removal Services Include:


Clearing snow from parking lots, roadways, and sidewalks.


Sanding parking lots & sidewalks and spreading ice-melt on foot-traffic areas


Hauling snow from parking lots

We have the right equipment for the job. Whether your property covers a large, open area or has lots of obstacles to get around, we can manage it.

Our Fleet Includes:


Kubotas with blade and sweeper (sidewalk width)

Skid-steer with bucket and sweeper

Bobcat with bucket

Dump truck

Truck-mounted sander

Snow blowers

Back-pack blowers

“5 star service! Thank You to Darcy and his team. Intrepid gets back to us very quickly and provides a high quality service at our properties! I would highly recommend them!!”

Clear View Property Management

“We always look forward to Rob’s visits to our office and his customer service and follow through is awesome and so appreciated. We love Intrepid Property Maintenance!”

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