Snow Removal

Need snow removal services?

Snow Removal by Intrepid Property Maintenance

Intrepid Property Maintenance’s Snow Removal Division operates from first snowfall of the season until well after most have hung-up their shovels! But typically, our Snow Removal Contracts run from October to April. Our Company has provided snow removal services to commercial and retail business locations, as well as to government properties in Lethbridge for the past fifteen winters.

Intrepid Property Maintenance has a vast array of snow removal equipment: plow-trucks; Kubotas with blade and sweeper (sidewalk width); skid-steer with bucket and sweeper; bobcat with bucket; dump truck; truck-mounted sander; snow blowers; back-pack blowers; and – oh yes – plenty of snow shovels and scrapers!

During snow removal season, our services are provided 7 days a week, with time-sensitive Contracts being completed by the time stipulated in the Contract!

Our Commercial Snow Removal Services Include:

Clearing Snow from:
» parking lots
» roadways
» sidewalks
Spreading ice-melt on:
» foot traffic areas
Hauling snow from:
» parking lots
Sanding of:
» parking lots
» sidewalks

Why choose Intrepid:

Intrepid Property Maintenance has the equipment for bigger snow removal jobs, the experience, the determination, and the desire to exceed the expectations of our customers – existing and new. And we hold ourselves accountable for making sure that YOU receive unmatched service; delivering YOU excellent results. At Intrepid Property Maintenance we live up to our motto:

Quality doesn’t Cost; It PAYS!

Need Snow Removal Services?