Lawn Care

Need your Lawn Manicured?

Lawn Care by Intrepid Property Maintenance

Commercial and Residential Lawn Care

Intrepid Property Maintenance’ Lawn Care Division has been helping to beautify the lawns of commercial, institutional, and government properties in the city of Lethbridge and Area for over fifteen years. Our Company has manicured the lawns at strip malls, business parks, condominium and retirement complexes, and it has groomed the grassed areas of city boulevards and city parks.

In addition to the lawn care services of grass cutting and trimming offered to commercial customers, our Company offers the following services to both commercial and residential customers alike:


In order to attain and maintain the eye-appeal of a lush, green carpet of grass, it is essential that your lawn is properly nourished, regularly. Not only will this result in a beautiful lawn with thick, healthy looking grass, but thick grass impedes weed growth, thus helping to maintain the desired appearance of a well groomed lawn.

Intrepid Property Maintenance applies a high quality, granular fertilizer which is formulated specifically for the Southern Alberta Area. Typical application times are: spring, mid-summer, and autumn; just add water.

Weed Control

The proliferation of dandelions is a very real problem for property owners in Lethbridge and Area who are concerned about maintaining the beautiful green colour of their lawns!

Intrepid Property Maintenance has a trained, certified pesticide Applicator. Our spray application will kill dandelions and broad leaf weeds that have sprouted above ground. However, the spray will not harm the grass or trees in the vicinity.

Sprinkler System Blow-Out and Winterization

Proper lawn care does indeed require a plentiful supply of water, especially in Southern Alberta! And what more convenient way than with an underground sprinkler system? But when our beautiful weather comes to an end and the risk of heavy frost arrives in October, you need to get all traces of that water out of your underground piping in order to prevent freezing and the serious damage it causes.

Intrepid Property Maintenance will ensure that the water source to your sprinkler system is shut off outside. (Shutting off the water supply inside a residence is the responsibility of the home owner.) Our Company will turn off the external Controller, thereafter, attaching an air compressor line to the external water supply of your sprinkler system (not inside your business or residence) and with regulated pressure suitable to your system, displace any water remaining in the underground network of piping, valves, and sprinkler heads. And NOW – you’re ready to safely ‘weather the cold of winter’ as you dream for the warmth and green of another summer!

Clean Up

Where there’s Lawn Care required, there’s often yard clean-up that’s needed too! And sometimes, there’s a parking lot not so far away that could use some help! Intrepid Property Maintenance’s Lawn Care Division also performs:

Property Clean Up
Gathering and removal of grass, leaves and debris.

Eavestrough Cleaning
Removal and flushing of leaves and other matter from eavestrough on commercial and residential

Pressure Washing
Washing of sidewalks, concrete areas, fences, and buildings with pressurized water.

Parking Lot Clean-Up
Gathering and removal of litter, debris, gravel, and dirt. And if you want, we’ll even wash the lot –
pressure wash that is!

Intrepid Property Maintenance has the skill sets, the experience, the determination, and the desire to exceed the expectations of our customers – existing and new. And we hold ourselves accountable for making sure that YOU receive unmatched service; delivering YOU excellent results. At Intrepid Property Maintenance we live up to our motto:

Quality doesn’t Cost; It PAYS!

Need your Lawn Manicured?