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Intrepid Property Maintenance in the Community

Intrepid Property Maintenance Spiderman – Superman Rope Access Charity Challenge

Intrepid Property Maintenance technicians had been employed by Alberta Heath Services to utilize their Industrial Rope Access techniques to reach the high-level beamwork in the Chinook Regional Hospital atrium in order to perform a dusting service. Way up high, at what would be the seventh floor-level in the spider web of beams!

And given the nature of Industrial Rope Access equipment, with its spider-like rope threads hanging down with our technician ascending and descending them, and our need to crawl through the beamwork like a spider, plus the fact that the Pediatrics Wing looks out onto the atrium, some creative members of the Hospital Administration envisioned our technician as Spiderman and foresaw the entertaining value that this would have for the children. So, they asked Intrepid Management if we would be interested in participating in this idea?

Intrepid Property Maintenance immediately said “YES!” ‘We’ll even throw-in Superman too!’ We were just delighted to have a share in giving back to our community in this very small way.

Our Company members really appreciate having such a modern medical facility in our community, like the Chinook Regional Hospital. And when children are seriously ill, hospital care is essential and greatly appreciated. But, kids really want to be home with family and out playing with friends! So, if our Rope Access Technicians, with their spoof of the Spiderman and Superman characters, can bring some enjoyment to the children in the Pediatrics Wing during their stay, Intrepid Property Maintenance was thrilled to be able to share in that!

Intrepid Property Maintenance’s demonstration of Industrial Rope Access skills was so well received by Hospital Administration, patients, and visitors, that the Spiderman – Superman Rope Access Performance in the Chinook Regional Hospital will become an annual event, in the form of a Charity Challenge to raise funds for the Pediatrics Wing. All businesses are invited to participate in the monetary aspect of this Charity Challenge come Fall!


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