Industrial Rope Access

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What is Industrial Rope Access?

Industrial Rope Access is an exceptionally safe method of work positioning on very high structures or at inaccessible areas. It is performed by skilled technicians who are specially trained and certified in high-angle rope work techniques. Rope Access had its origin in climbing/caving, but has since been adapted and enhanced to become an internationally recognized Trade that enables the performance of various types of work at industrial, commercial, and institutional locations, in either outdoor or indoor settings

More technically, Industrial Rope Access encompasses a combination of techniques wherein ropes and specialized hardware are used as the primary means to access tall structures or inaccessible areas and support workers at height. Typically, a two-rope system is utilized: one rope to support the worker and a second rope to provide a safety backup as fall protection.

Modern Industrial Rope Access equipment, techniques, and training combine to produce an exceptionally safe, versatile, efficient, cost-effective way to solve vertical access problems.

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Typical Applications for Industrial Rope Access

Tasks such as:

Inspections: visual, photo, video
Maintenance: window washing, general cleaning, pressure washing, painting, light/bulb replacement, repair/resurfacing
Dislodgement: material in grain silos
Construction: stadiums, spires, silos
Events Rigging: banners, lighting, fireworks

Locations such as:

Industrial, Commercial & Institutional, projects/facilities, Wind Turbines, Communication & Electrical Towers, Water Towers, Vaulted Atriums & areas, Aircraft Warning Lights on hi-rise buildings, Facades on high buildings, Grain Storage Facilities, Geologic Slopes, Dams

Our Industrial Rope Access Training and Certification

Two International Trade Associations are dedicated exclusively to the training and certification of Industrial Rope Access technicians for this high angle Trade. The Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) is the North American Trade Association to whose standardsIntrepid Property Maintenance Industrial Rope Access Teams were trained and certified.

A significant portion of SPRAT training involves advanced, high angle rescues. This safety training enables Intrepid’s Industrial Rope Access Teams to not only avert mishaps, but also avoid accidents should an incident occur. And Intrepid Property Maintenance’ high angle rope work complies with the Alberta Safety Legislation and with our highly esteemed Alberta Workplace Safety COR Certification.


Rope Access is efficient

Ropework systems are installed and dismantled quickly and often require fewer personnel than traditional access methods. The relative ease of the Rope Access method limits disruption to facility operations, thus minimizing downtime.

Rope Access is cost-effective

Fewer personnel, less equipment, quicker deployment, faster completion, and minimal downtime — means lower costs for YOU!

Intrepid Property Maintenance INDUSTRIAL ROPE ACCESS DIVISION has the certified skill sets, the experience, the determination, and the desire to exceed the expectations of our customers – existing and new. And we hold ourselves accountable for making sure that YOU receive unmatched service; delivering YOU excellent results. At Intrepid Property Maintenance we live up to our motto:

Quality doesn’t Cost; It PAYS!

Need your High Structures or Inaccessable Areas maintained?

We’ll hang-in-there until the job is done!