Industrial Rope Access

A safe way to service areas that are out of reach.
If you’ve ever wondered how people do maintenance work on places like geologic dams, water towers, or vaulted atriums, the answer is often “with ropes”.

We use ropes to safely access hard-to-reach areas and perform the necessary jobs there. Our staff are specially trained (link to training page) and certified in high-angle rope work techniques to ensure everyone’s safety. These techniques were originally used in rock climbing, but it’s now an internationally recognized trade.

How We Use Rope Access



Our staff can perform visual inspections and take photos & videos to show to others.


This includes pressure washing, painting, light bulb replacements, repairs, resurfacing, general cleaning, and window washing.


We can dislodge materials stuck in grain silos in a safe way.


We can assist the construction of stadiums, spires, and silos.

Events Rigging

We can help with banners, lighting, fireworks, and more.

Industrial Rope Access has several benefits for our clients. It allows us to work on very tall buildings, even when there’s no roof anchors. This means we can work on buildings that others can’t safely access. Ropework systems are installed and taken down quickly and don’t require as many workers or equipment as traditional access methods do. Because of this, our job is done efficiently, which means cost savings for you, the client.

Rope Access Canada

See us in action!

Locations We Access

Industrial, commercial & institutional, projects & facilities

Wind turbines

Communication & electrical towers

Water towers

Vaulted atriums and areas

Aircraft warning lights on hi-rise buildings

Facades on high buildings

Grain storage facilities

Geologic slopes