High & Low Rise Window Washing

No matter the height of a building, we have safe ways to wash exterior & interior windows.
We use rope access techniques to safely wash windows on buildings all over the city and surrounding area, like the Lethbridge City Hall, police and fire stations, Haig Tower, and regional hospitals. If rope access isn’t an option, we’ll find another way to make your windows shine. We are certified with Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR) and Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT).

A Versatile & Safe Method

Buildings of Any Height

High rise? You bet. Low rise? Of course. Even if there’s no roof anchor, we have safe ways to get the job done.

Interior & Exterior

You may have seen us hanging off the roof of buildings like Lethbridge City Hall, but we also work on interior windows for places like Chinook Regional Hospital.

Trained & Certified

Our staff are thoroughly trained and certified so they can complete the job as safely as possible.

Washing windows using rope access techniques has several benefits for our clients. It allows us to work on very tall buildings, even when there’s no roof anchors. Ropework systems are installed and taken down quickly and often require less people and equipment than traditional methods. Because of this, our job is done efficiently, which means cost savings for you, the client.

“Allan and Loren were professional, quick and the results are stunning! They also didn’t use harsh smelling chemicals and we could continue to work while they were here.”

Tania Stilson