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About Our Company

The company, management, commitment and maintenance services

Intrepid Property Maintenance was founded in Lethbridge, Alberta in 1999 by Darcy Berent. Its headquarters are located in Lethbridge at 2525 36 St. N, where it has several professional office areas, a spacious meeting room, and a large, well organized shop. It has a small fleet of clean vehicles in Company colours, decaled with the Company logo. And it has an array of equipment to perform its various maintenance services.

The Mission Statement:

“To deliver to consumers the highest quality products, superior workmanship, and outstanding service at a price that provides good value to the consumer.”

The Company:

Intrepid Property Maintenance specializes in property maintenance services for various sectors of the economy in Lethbridge and the Greater Surrounding Area, these being: Retail, Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional. Intrepid Property Maintenance has five (5) divisions: Industrial Rope AccessHigh & Low Rise Window WashingLawn CareSnow Removal, Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial; and it has more than thirty (30) employees.

The Management Team:

Intrepid Property Maintenance has more than sixty years of combined management experience in: administration, human resources, marketing and sales, customer service, and operations. Two of its Team Members have had oversight of multiple business locations across Western Canada. And the Executive Officer of the Company is active in the general management of the day-to-day business, believing that it is important to keep hands-on also in the operational matters of the Company, to the extent that his management responsibilities permit.

The Commitment:

Intrepid Property Maintenance strives to provide its customers with the highest quality products, superior workmanship, and outstanding service at a price that provides good value to the consumer. And this is delivered with the oldest standards of good business conduct: Truthfulness, Honesty, Integrity, and Hard Work. The four pillars upon which Intrepid Property Maintenance is founded!

To that end, our Company has incorporated these high standards into our Mission Statement and endeavors to foster these ideals throughout the Company by means of the example of management, Company Policy, and regular employee meetings.

Intrepid Property Maintenance holds to the concepts that employees: are to be treated with dignity; have the right to expect a safe workplace; deserve adequate training for their job duties; are to be fairly compensated for their contribution to Company objectives.

To that end, our Company affords its employees a respectful, calm, friendly work environment that focuses on safe operating procedures. Employees are provided a variety of on-going instruction, training, and certification, thus enabling them to perform their duties proficiently, and are handsomely remunerated for their efforts through wages, bonuses, and benefits.

Intrepid Property Maintenance is keenly interested in the growth of the local economy and the welfare of the Lethbridge Area community.

To that end, our Company endeavours to recruit personnel from the local area and to support local businesses by purchasing within our trading area. Additionally, Company employees, at all levels, volunteer their time on a regular basis to assist others in the local area, thus reaching out to aid fellow community members personally, as well as helping to enhance the overall quality of the community in Lethbridge and Area.

The Maintenance of Lethbridge and Area

For the last fifteen years our Company has helped to maintain the cleanliness, beauty, and safety of properties in Lethbridge and the Greater Surrounding Area. For over ten years of that, by dropping down on ropes from the top of the ‘big-and-tall’ buildings in the Area to wash the exterior of windows, ledges, and frames on high-rises — now that takes an “intrepid” spirit!

Yes, we pretty-much do it all –

  • From exterior window washing on high and low rise buildings – to interior washing of full-height interior glass walls, partition glass walls, and window panes.
  • From cleaning in grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, offices, and clinics – to lobbies, entrances, common areas, employee rest areas, and warehouses.
  • From manicuring the lawns at strip malls, business parks, condominium and retirement complexes – to grooming city boulevards and city parks.
  • From keeping surfaces safe by removing snow off retail and commercial parking lots and sidewalks – to that of industrial    and institutional properties.
  • From local and national companies – to City, County, Provincial, and Federal Governments.
  • From Lethbridge, Coalhurst, Coaldale, Taber, Medicine Hat – to the Crowsnest Pass and other towns.

Intrepid Property Maintenance is confident that we can deliver to YOU the quality service you need, with the peace of mind that you deserve.

Intrepid Property Maintenance Provides the Following General Maintenance Services:

  • Industrial Rope Access (SPRAT Certified)
  • High & Low Rise Window Washing
  • Parking Lot Clean-Up
  • Sprinkler Blow-Out
  • Pressure Washing
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Snow Removal
  • Yard Clean-Up
  • Weed Control
  • Lawn Care
  • Janitorial
  • Misc.

As a strong, medium sized company, Intrepid Property Maintenance has the resources to resolve problems for you, and without the delay of big-business “red tape”. We have the skill sets, the experience, the determination, and the desire to exceed the expectations of our customers – existing and new. And we hold ourselves accountable for making sure that YOU receive unmatched service; delivering YOU excellent results. At Intrepid Property Maintenance we live up to our motto:

Quality doesn’t Cost; It PAYS!

We are Intrepid Property Maintenance

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